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Saturday, June 08, 2002


Producers of the 2002 Tony-winning best play [The Goat] were upset by a color ad mistakenly running in the paper's June 9 "Arts and Leisure" section proclaiming that "Metamorphoses" had won the top drama prize last Sunday...

"We are still looking into the matter," said Times spokesman Toby Usnik, while producers for "Metamorphoses" declined comment until they got a fuller explanation from the Times...

"The Goat," Edward Albee's play about the limits of love, and "Metamorphoses," a water-drenched reinterpretation of the myths of Ovid, were in hot contention for the best-play Tony, which inevitably boosts a show's box-office receipts.

UPDATE: And a reverse Dewey, in a stunning expansion of the Times' status as the best newspaper in the world.


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