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Sunday, June 09, 2002


I'VE BEEN DISCOVERED: I just got this email from Fred First:

Do you have an alias? Is there REALLY a bizarro-world? Are you too? Will one blog live while the other is left on an iceberg with the Polar bears?

The answer is "yes".

A few weeks ago, Dodd Harris of Ipse Dixit asked me if I'd like to move off Blogger and onto a server in his part of the world, Louisville, KY. Since I've become discontented with Blogger, I love Dodd's blog and he promised 24/7 support (didn't read the fine print either, didya, Dodd?), I thought it was a great idea. Plus, since I can't live in Kentucky, at least my blog can. So Dodd constructed my template in Moveable Type, patiently taught me how to use it, and today we made the transition. As of tomorrow, all posts will be on my new server, so please change your links to:

This move now makes me a member of the H O S T I L E family, hosted by the redoubtable Mark, known to be a genius by his friends. At least they say that, if they expect to stay on his server! I'm proud to be there, and sometime soon you'll see links on my page to all the H O S T I L E gang. That has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? Could I now call my blogging "hostility"?

It's going to take a few days for me to settle into the new blog, so please bear with me if things look a little funky at first. And sometime in the next little while, I'll be doing a redesign (keeping in mind Meryl's words of wisdom), but that won't affect the link, just the look. For now, my other blogs - The Saturday Ramble, inside my mind, and writings - will remain on Blogger, as will my archives.

And thank you all for reading my work. It makes every day a pleasure to see that people come here, and to read what you say in my comments and in email.


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