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Thursday, October 30, 2008

More than you wanted to know

Over the years, I've written more blog posts than any sane person, and that has included starting more blogs than reason should have dictated. I'm not likely to post on the others with any regularity, if at all, but I've resurrected several in case some of my five regular readers would like to check them out. I'll put them on the link list to the right when I'm in the mood to mess with HTML.

The Quilting Corner - Yes, quilting. Although the photos have disappeared. I'll clean it up soon. You can tell I was early in the trend, since I actually have the URL.
The Saturday Ramble - These are some longer essay-type things, personal tales.
just because - Periodically I write fiction. This is older stuff and not my best. But fun. For me, anyway.
The Crime Resource Room - I had the great idea to do a blog that had vast quantities of information about crime on it. This is as far as it's gotten. So far. I say that like I may do better in the future. Hmmm...

I don't like the template I've got for the Crime Resource Room blog, but when you change the template you lose your link list. I'll have to take the time to make a copy of the link list HTML, change the template, and then put the list back. It'll happen.

So this is some of my online history. If I post more on these others, I'll put links here. Just in case you care :).


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