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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What if Obama wins?

I didn't watch the debate tonight. I know I will vote for McCain, and I couldn't bear to look at Obama. He is so liberal, and would be so terrible for our country. But if he wins... will it be God's will?

As always that's a difficult call. It's not for me to say that God chose a specific outcome in any context, although I often feel His hand in things. I do know that He's keeping an eye on things, and isn't going to let this world move out of His control. However, He lets us choose our own paths, as long as they don't conflict with His ultimate purpose. It makes me think of Israel begging God to let them have a king. He did, even though He warned them first that it would be a bad thing. They got what they wanted, and the consequences of it too, which they didn't want quite so much. And God used that choice to bring about His goal in that instance, which was the lineage of Christ. How would God have effected Christ's kingly lineage if the children of Israel didn't ask for a king? I don't know. I just know that God works it out the way it needs to be, regardless of the choices we make.

And He has a long perspective. It was hundreds of years after Saul was anointed before Christ was born. But God was working His plan long before Saul, and continues to work His plan long after Christ's time on earth. The span of my life on earth compared to God's view of time eclipses even the comparison of a one-celled amoeba to all the vastness of the world's oceans.

So how would an Obama presidency fit with God's plan? I don't know that it does, one way or another. If it happens, it could just be one of those blips on the surface of time that matters to those alive in that place in that time but otherwise has no particular meaning. It could be that God is allowing the US to suffer a correction because of the continual downward spiral into godlessness. And it could be that God sees a positive value that I can't see, because of my limitations.

I think Obama would be very bad for our nation, with his cavalier attitude toward the Constitution and his hard-left ideologies. I think McCain would keep the nation more in harmony with the founders' intent, and with the principles of conservatism, although he is by no means a true conservative himself. I think the nation will be a freer place to live under McCain.

But I'm not praying for McCain to win. I'm not praying for Obama to lose. I'm praying that God will bring about what is best for this country in this election. And if Obama wins, then I will accept that what is best for this country isn't what I see as best for us right now. And I won't succumb to "Obama-rage". I will accord his office with the respect it deserves.

But I'm hoping Obama doesn't win.


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