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Monday, November 03, 2008

Is it warm in here?

Word on the street is that global warming is accelerating. This post says it isn't.

I'm very skeptical about global warming as a primarily human-caused phenomenon, and even more skeptical that the governments of the world can be effective in lessening the human element that does exist. I do think that we as individuals must be stewards of the earth and everything in it, as God gave Adam and Eve stewardship in the beginning. It's another instance where teaching individual responsibility is key. If everyone took responsibility for his or her actions, and saw him- or herself as a steward of God's world, the majority of problems we face would heal themselves.

Including global warming. Er, the human element of it. I don't think nature itself will change its course because I recycled a Pepsi can, put in flourescent bulbs or drove an electric car.


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