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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Congratulations, President Obama

I really really really didn't want Obama to win. He is scary liberal, radical even. I think he is both cynical and naive about government. I worry about our country under his leadership.

However. He will be our elected president, with such a margin (most likely) that no one can realistically claim that fraud was the source of his victory. Given the level of misbehavior by ACORN, and news stories about Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters registering to vote, I think it's very important that fraud is off the table. With all the other things he will have to face for our country, he needs the mantle of legitimacy to effectively do his job. He won, as they say, fair and square.

And we have a responsibility to respect and honor his office and his leadership. That doesn't mean we agree with his choices, but it does mean that we should not bad-mouth him and attack him personally. It does mean that we need to give him a fair chance, to pray for him and his family, to ask God to guide him. Think of all the many ways that the liberals and radicals in this country trashed President Bush and our country generally for the past eight years. Then resolve that we will be better than that, and we will not treat Obama or his office with that level of disrespect and unkindness. Disagree, but disagree fairly and with honor.

I do worry that Obama and his family may be at increased risk of harm, given the historic nature of his presidency. So I actively ask anyone reading this to pray for their safety every day. There are a lot of crazy people in this world. I didn't want him to be president, but even more I don't want him to leave the presidency because he has been harmed physically.

And finally, as much as I so totally disagree with Obama's policies, and grind my teeth at the arrogant superiority conservatives are going to have to face even more in the next few years...

I do think it's pretty cool that we have a black man as president. I wish it had been a different black man, and I wouldn't vote for a candidate because of his or her race or sex. But I appreciate how this is an historic time in our history, and I hope it crushes the last elements of oppression felt by minorities in the US. I think a lot of that has been perception more than actual, but this election should change that perception. And hopefully that will open the way to more potential candidates of good character and conservative values.

And always remember: All things work together for good to those who love the Lord. There is hope in this. Find it and embrace it.


At 5/11/08 7:46 AM, Anonymous Shelizabeth said...

Thanks, Susanna. I really needed that.


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