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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I haven't posted here for about two and half years. However, Facebook and Pinterest have nudged me toward starting this up again. I have more to say and share than those formats allow. So I will post here and link there. If any of you read my blog previously, back in the day, this will be less about politics and more about other things that interest me. While I'm still interested in politics, and will write some about that, I've gotten more cynical and less engaged by it in the past 10 years. It's good to express an opinion, even better to take some personal action. But too often chatting about it on a blog is like shouting in an echo chamber - satisfying and noisy, but not very productive. I want to talk instead about science, cooking, baking, needlework, writing, photography, my amazing family, and always, threaded through everything, God. I'm not so concerned about getting a lot of hits. It's more about having a place to post longer thoughts and collections of photos that I can then link elsewhere. If I get a lot of hits here... well, wouldn't that be a bonus! And thanks for reading. I do appreciate your time and value your interest.


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