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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mmmmmm....grits...and other cool southern food

I love grits about any way you want to make 'em. There's classic grits, a bowl of creamy goodness with just salt and butter. There's breakfast-cereal grits, with butter, sugar, and a little stream of milk. There's fried grits, cooked, chilled overnight in a loaf pan, cut in slices and browned in a skillet. And then there's the pinnacle of grit cookery: cheese grits casserole, made with processed garlic cheese, eggs and milk.


I was glad to see that grits made the "must eat" list from Gardens & Guns, although I question the whole shrimp thing. But I know some folks get fancy with their grits. I'm more of a purist.

The list is all about southern foods, and it just may introduce you to some local restaurants in your own area. I know I've gotten a list in Alabama to check out.

So what's your favorite from the list?


At 10/11/08 8:45 PM, Anonymous shelizabeth said...

Milo's fries. Hands down.

At 10/11/08 10:28 PM, Blogger susanna in alabama said...

Never had them. Milo's tea, great. Milo's burger, eh. Will have to go for The Experience with the fries soon.

At 15/11/08 11:54 PM, Blogger Minicapt said...

Smoked salmon ...


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