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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The next four years, according to Den Beste

For those of you who haven't followed the blogosphere for years, Steven Den Beste is a very smart and thorough commenter on... whatever he chooses to comment on. He ran a blog for years before it took more time than he had to give it. Now he occasionally gifts us with his analysis, and it's always worth your time to read it.

The latest Den Beste commentary is on the Obama presidency.

I very much hope that people take his advice and don't succumb to "Obama Derangement Syndrome" in the manner that the libs lost their sanity in "Bush Derangement Syndrome". Obama is a man and a politician, not a devil incarnate or someone consciously intending to harm the US. I know my readers are unlikely to succumb. But it's worth thinking about.

FYI, I began reading blogs right after 9/11, in the early early days of the blogosphere (before it was called the blogosphere, a term coined by Bill Quick). I began my own blog in February of 2002, and it ran for four years before I bailed in late 2006. And here I am back.


At 7/11/08 7:29 PM, Blogger Minicapt said...

Yes, but will you promise not to dash our hopes again?



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